The quiet achievers that get our thanks

The quiet achievers that get our thanks

It was just this Friday that we had our Order of Saint John NSW Priory AGM. We are getting very efficient at what we do now and it moved with speed, productivity and Prior Schon did an amazing job of keeping everyone focused on the agenda (which isn’t easy in a room of that many strong people).

We had our meeting at the beautiful art-deco Castlereagh Boutique Hotel which is heritage listed and also is home to our friends at the NSW Masonic Club.

In post drinks, we had a great moment where we rewarded and acknowledged the indefatigable, hard working and honourable Debbie Condon (wife of Prior Schon Condon).

I have known her for years and she is that type of person that just helps everyone become better. She avoids the spotlight, yet she is so amazing she deserves it. Tonight’s meeting was very different in the acknowledgement she received from the room and I was lucky to capture it on camera (see YouTube video below).

My lessons from the night? Besides the Order being a great place that treats people with kindness and respect; always acknowledge the great works of people. You get ‘loud’ people which sometimes have questionable output, and you have those ‘quiet’ people that pull a heavy load.

Thank you Order of Saint John and of course thank you Debbie Condon! We love your work.

God Bless you All & Thanks,

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, KSJ