Our Priors

Our Priors

Priors in NSW

• Schon G Condon                                          2015 – Present Day
Schon G. Condon GCSJ, RFD is a well-known and respected Chartered Accountant and Business Leader who is the founder of the ‘Condon Associates Group’ leading a team of accountants, financial analysts and other specialists in forensic accounting, personal and corporate insolvency, and business turnaround.Schon, amongst many other community commitments, is also an active member of the Australian Army Reserve, having served in the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and formerly commanding 23 Field Regiment, RAA.

As the current Prior, Schon is keen to see the Order develop to its fullest potential both within NSW, as well as Australia more broadly.He has a strong commitment to ensure that the Priory, as a charitable institution, maintains a strong and positive public image whilst focusing on its core charter of aiding and helping the disadvantaged and unwell.

• Peter Shilton                                                           2012 – 2014
HE Bailiff Peter J Shilton GCSJ, is a former International Airline Executive and currently a Part Time Government Consultant and Company Director. He was Chairman of the Sydney San Francisco Sister City Committee for 25 years, also a Councillor and President of The Australian American Association.

His wife Susan, a Doctor, is also a member of OSJ and Peter supports her in a Medical Services Business. During his term as Prior, he helped restructure the OSJ for its next round of growth and success.

Peter was appointed a Bailiff in 2015 with the title of Prior Emeritus.

• Fred Maestrelli                                                      2007 – 2011
Fred Maestrelli GCSJ, OMSJ, MSSJ, is a former senior public servant and recently retired as a lecturer in business administration and accounting. During his term as the Prior he reorganised the administration and was successful in growing its membership. He is currently a Conventual Bailiff serving on the Petit Conseil of the Order as the Grand Hospitaller. Fred keeps active through his participation in a number of community and charitable organisations.

• Alf B. Willings Pro Tem                                        2007 – 2007
• Tony Rich                                                                  1999 – 2007
• Vic Techritz                                                              1997 – 1999
• Roger de Bryon-Faes                                            1986 – 1997
• Peter Conley                                                            1984 – 1986