Order of St John of Jerusalem

The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller (“OSJ”) have an established Priory in New South Wales which also, at this time, includes the Australian Capital Territory. Composed of a diverse group of individuals united in the support of Charitable works and giving; it has Business People, Professionals, Former & Active Military Members and those with the desire to help others beyond themselves.

The Priory is a Priory within the Order which has its Secretariat in London with HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karajorgevitch GCSJ of Yugoslavia as the Grand Master of the Order. The Constitution granted by King Peter II of Yugoslavia in 1963, sets out the general aims of the Order, which are essentially ecumenical, the Order being committed to charitable works in aid of the sick, poor and the disadvantaged as well as fostering Christian unity.

The Order in Australia is recognised as a Non-Government charitable institution, with donations over $2 being tax deductible. Donations can be forwarded to The OSJ Treasurer, Priory of New South Wales, C/- PO Box 203, Springwood NSW 2777.

The Priory of NSW & the ACT is constantly expanding with 70+ members that meet at regular points to undertake key charitable missions.

The Prior is Lieutenant Colonel the Chevalier Schon G Condon GCSJ, RFD.

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